Let me start by saying we’ve been able to build what I think is really a great team and a wonderful program that I want to spend the next several minutes getting to tell you about. So what do we do? Our medical weight loss program is really designed to help people who we feel have generally struggled with their weight in terms of difficulty losing weight over maybe in the past several years or maybe lifelong, or maybe they’re new to weight loss.

Maybe they decided that they’re trying to lose weight and just haven’t been able to figure out what to do. And we see people who come in and decide this is something that they need help with, and the professionals on our team are here to help those individuals be successful in losing weight. And we use a number of different strategies. We use a number of different team members, and I’ll go through those strategies and those team members a little bit later, but in general, our goal is to come up with a personalized solution for you that helps you be successful in losing weight and keeping that weight off, because a lot of the people that we work with will tell us, yeah, I’ve been able to lose weight in the past, but I’ve had a lot of difficulties keeping it off, or I’ve gone through a program in the past and when I get to the end, I feel like I don’t know what to do after that.

I was just in weight loss mode but wasn’t quite sure, what do I do to help me lose weight long-term and keep that off

So those are the types of things that we specialize in. We bring a really great team to help you be successful, and that team includes a number of different types of people, and this is really a key differentiator for us in terms of how we are different from lots of other types of programs that you might see in the commercial space or even in some other medically associated programs.

So the first part of our team includes our medical team. A group of physicians and nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are really here to help oversee the process of putting together a plan that helps you become successful.

The reason we involve our medical team in the process, because we also deal with people who have a lot of complications related to being overweight.

That includes things like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and lots of arthritis, and they may be on lots of medications that are really, really complicated. Some of those medications may even lead to weight gain. A lot of our patients will tell us, I saw three people last week, who said, you know, I was normal weight until I got put on certain medications, and then I gained weight.

And that’s really challenging. You don’t know what to do and how to deal with that.

And that’s where our medical expertise comes in. And so our medical providers are really there to help guide the process, help understand those medical issues and how that affects your weight, and can then help lead the rest of the team. The rest of the team includes our dieticians, who are all specializing in medical weight management and have very specific knowledge and experience around how to help the individual who is looking to lose weight do so successfully with a good nutritional strategy.

This is really important, because a lot of times you may find that when you are out in the commercial space and looking for help to lose weight, some people may brand themselves as nutritionists, but that doesn’t always mean that they actually have a degree as a registered dietician with specialization in weight loss. So what does that benefit you?

Well, what that means is this person is not just someone who may have lost weight in the past and can tell you a story or two or help motivate you by sort of giving you a rah-rah speech, but this is someone who has good understanding of the scientific evidence that leads to successful weight loss in a healthy and safe way, and so that’s an important distinction in terms of our dieticians who are part of our medical team.

We also have exercise physiologists and personal trainers that are part of our team because we understand that exercise is a critical part of the lifestyle change that you’re going to be embarking upon. So we want to make sure that you don’t find yourself doing things that you’re uncomfortable doing, things that you don’t really know exactly how to do, is this the right way to exercise because there is a way to exercise for weight loss and there’s a way to exercise for general cardiovascular health.

There’s a way to just be physically active that does not equal exercise. And so we help explain all of those differences to you, and help you put together the right mix of things that will allow you to be successful.

It’s all about making that behavior change, and that entire team is really designed to help you be successful, put you in a position to be successful, in a way that you couldn’t even imagine that you could be successful. So working together as a unit, we all help to create this individualized plan that allows you to be successful.

We know that no two people are alike, and different strategies will be required in order to help you be successful. So we start with those basic programs and then tailor them to your particular needs, and so you might have two people on the Mounjaro program, but they may be approaching it from very different perspectives in terms of individual strategies.

Our medical team is also very well-versed in using medication as an adjunct to helping people to lose weight, and we find that medication can be helpful both in the short term as well as in the long term for weight loss maintenance. So we incorporate that when it’s appropriate for individuals to help them meet their weight loss goals and their health goals. Our team is really big on goal setting and really helping people to achieve not only their weight goals, but what are the things that you want to just do differently in your life?

What are the things that your weight is keeping you from doing? Is it not allowing you to play with your kids the way you want to, or are you limiting the places that you go because you’re concerned that your weight is embarrassing or that your weight is prohibiting you from being able to do the things that you’d like to do? Is it physically challenging for you to get up and down and do the work that you need to do in and around your home? These are the things that we want to know about so that we can help you achieve those goals, and we bring all these resources to bear to help you get to that point.

So those are the types of programs that we have and the teams that we have involved that help deliver that to you.

I’ll talk a little bit more about maybe how we’re different and what you might expect if you were to come to the Advanced Weight Loss Center. I think one of the things that we really sort of pride ourselves on is looking at the individual patient and understanding both medically, behaviorally, how does that all affect your potential for weight gain and your potential for being successful with losing weight? So we do a very comprehensive assessment when you first come into Advanced Weight Loss Center.

That includes a set of lab values. We also look at resting metabolic rate.

We want to understand physically what’s your level of fitness at the initial part of the assessment. That allows us to really sort of do that tailoring that I talked about to really create an individualized plan for you so that you have the best chance of being successful. That’s a key difference in terms of how we approach the things that we do. The other key important point that I think separates us from different places is that we really focus on medical science.

The members of our team are involved in lots of clinical research.

We’ve been leaders in the field, and we know that in order for us to provide a good, solid quality program for you, we need to have evidence to support the things that we’re doing. So we fully believe that all the things that we need to do for you have to have some science behind them, otherwise it’s a waste of your time, it’s a waste of your resources, and we wouldn’t want to put you in a position where we’re feeling like we’re gonna waste your time and resources.

So let me then move on and talk about maybe some of the things that we see in terms of what happens to our patients and what are their successes. I think one of the things that really makes me excited about being here is that we get to come in every day and talk to our patients about the successes that they’re seeing on a regular basis.

One of our patients just talked to me and said, you know, he was really excited to come in and see us because he gets to share in that success in terms of talking about reducing medications or doing things that he couldn’t do six months ago, and it’s really part of the motivation for why I even decided to go into this field in the first place.

She’d lost over 80 pounds and was still going and felt like the benefits that she had gained were well beyond just the weight loss that she achieved, the improvement in her quality of life and how she felt so great in terms of just not having to take all those medicines. So that inspires us..

And so if you’re thinking about as the New Year comes around and those resolutions are coming around and you’re thinking about, hey, I really need to get back into shape or I’ve really struggled and I need some help, consider us and think about what we might be able to do to help you out in the New Year.

Take care.


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